Mar 10, 2009

eFilmCritic Names TWWGB Top 10 Film To See @ SXSW

The Way We Get By has been named one of "10 Films To Put On Your Schedule" for the 2009 SXSW Film Festival by's Erik Childress. Here's what he had to say about The Way We Get By...


As I alluded to earlier, someday video stores and online rental sites may have their own sections dedicated to films about the current conflict in Iraq. Hopefully the veterans of this current quagmire will be able to find happier memories and things to look forward to on their DVD shelves rather than just another reminder of where they've been. Unless that movie happens to be Aron Gaudet's The Way We Get By as its just the kind of reminder our men and women over there could use.

It's the story of a group of senior citizens from Bangor, Maine who spend many mornings and evenings going to the airport to shake the hands of the departing and returning soldiers from Iraq. Bangor's airway serves as our main passageway between the U.S. and Middle East and these well-wishers keep track of every one of them and do whatever they can to provide a little bit of homespun hope on their long journey. Bill Knight, Joan Gaudet and Jerry Mundy are just three of the subjects that should be given immediate sainthood by the time the credits roll; seniors who are far from their own problems involving foreclosure, health and, in the case of Miss Gaudet, a granddaughter facing her own trip into this mess.

Can it possibly be selfish to provide a little bit of good cheer to those who mostly remain nameless to anyone outside their circle of friends and family unless they return with an American flag draped over them? Every selfless act is going to make someone feel good, but where The Way We Get By becomes more than just a meet-and-greet for self-gratification is within the contrast of its subjects against the finality we hope is coming later rather than sooner. Just as our service folk unfortunately become, the elderly are another group of people that society and even our government would just as easily forget about if they weren't reminded of their struggles. Bill Knight is not just another lonely greeter but also a veteran of war himself. Joan faces the unnerving fear of her granddaughter not having a chance to be welcomed back. Jerry Mundy has already seen his son die tragically and may be facing death again soon. These remarkable individuals contribute to a story that is not just indescribably moving but is a timeless metaphor for our country. I absolutely loved this film and I'm hoping that when you're done wiping away the tears and the Q&A has finished, each of you will have a chance to see some of these people on the way out and shake their hands. Visit the website and read our interview with Aron Gaudet.


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